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You’ve got a question?

For questions related to e.g. returning shoes, paying or orders please check the FAQ page for Frequently Asked Questions. Are you still stuck with your question? Please contact Zivaano, refer to below contact details, or start a chat.

Possibility to try on shoes

Are you interested in shoes and are eager to try these on? Call us or mail us to make an appointment on working days or in weekends. You’ve got the possibility to try on shoes during daytime, but also in evenings. We’re located in Haarlem, Disselkade nummer 7, The Netherlands. Please note: By appointment only.


T:  +31 (0) 23 576 61 86  
Available on working days from 09.00h till 17.00h.
You can reach us by mail 7 days per week.

Visiting Address

By appointment only:
Zivaano Styling
Disselkade 7
2031 WT Haarlem
The Netherlands


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